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This video is about the stages of your breakthrough, and the phases that lead to your personal growth.
I will explain what you need to do in each phase, from changing your perception about your life to achieving your goals.

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2:40 Perception change

Take a moment, and grasp the information you receive, and be aware of the knowledge that you get,
Allowing your perception to shift will be your gateway to personal growth.

4:18 Creating your path

After you pass the awareness phase, you will find yourself slowly separating from the masses and the common beliefs.
That will change your life, as you will start to be the action instead of the reaction.

You will start to create your own identity and reality, which also means you will be responsible for your life, and it is difficult for many people, but you will have to accept it.

6:23 Dealing with criticism

The next stage of your breakthrough will be dealing with criticism as people around you are not used to the new you.
Understand that you’re not alone, and it is a part of the life-changing process.

8:49 Expanding your horizon

After you accept the change in your life, you will start thinking differently, and you will be able to find out of the box solution and focus on your goals.

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