Busy people tend to be…busy, and often, real estate investing is one of the things that they “just don’t have time for”. If you feel that way, listen to today’s guest, Dion Mcneeley as he describes his own system for buying real estate the “lazy” way.

Dion was a police officer and a truck driving instructor, taking care of his kids as a single parent, and struggling to get ahead. He went from $89,000 in debt to becoming debt free and financially free, thanks to the help of rental properties, in just 10 years.

After buying his primary home, Dion heard of success in owning rental properties, so he decided to move out of his house and into an apartment to see if he fit as a landlord. He rented the house to his friend, who later moved out without notifying him. Dion tried to make landlording work with another tenant, but ended up being underwater on the house payments. This is when he found BiggerPockets and read Rich Dad Poor Dad.

What was Dion’s mistake? He wasn’t running his rental properties like a business. After upgrading his processes, he went on to buy and house hack a duplex. Then he bought another duplex as an investment, and another one, then another house hack duplex. Within just 6 years, he had 7 units and was raking in $2,700 a month in pure cash flow!

Dion talks about the mistakes he made, why he prefers side-by-side duplexes, how he’s located his properties for maximum asset protection, and goes into his amazing strategy for getting tenants to sign longer leases and raise their own rents. You can check out Dion’s Youtube channel or find him on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group!

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