This week’s question is a very common one that has frequently come from novice and experienced real estate investors alike. If you own rentals, you may be thinking about this as well. When do you do the work yourself vs. hire it out? The answer depends on different factors, such as where your rentals are located in relation to you, how solid of a team you have, whether or not you have experience doing the work, and more.

Tony and Ashley both have different experiences when it comes to swinging hammers and laying down floors. One thing they agree on: you want to be in a place where you can hand off the work if needed.

Here are some suggestions to make the decision easier:

Create systems that allow you to step away if possible
Have a great team in place so you always have work to outsource
Make a checklist whenever you do a new task
Look at your goals and hire out accordingly
Read Who Not How, The E-Myth, and Traction
And more in the episode…

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