It’s hard being a first time home buyer, especially if you don’t have any experience with real estate, property values, or market appreciation. You may be wondering how you’ll be able to buy a home that will help increase your net worth, or at least, not shrink it. Scott and Mindy are on today to tell you how to make the best first time home buying decision possible.

We’ll go through the most common myths that first time home buyers tend to get caught up in. Myths such as:

Buy as much home as you can
Buy your “forever home” as your first time purchase
Your home is an investment
And more..

If you’re interested in gaining some appreciation with your first home purchase, Scott and Mindy also walk through the most common exit strategies and how you can prepare to use them. You’ll also hear some great advice on how to find a good deal in your area. And no, a good deal doesn’t just mean a deal that is lower than market average!

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