Growing a business isn’t easy.  But, it gets much easier when you understand the growth process and how you should be navigating that growth as your company’s CEO.

Matt Rodak — founder of Fund That Flip, a real estate crowdfunding company and #647 on this year’s Inc 5000 list — is with us to talk about how he both started his company and then grew it, with over $500M in total investor loans originated since 2015.  Fund That Flip both lends to real estate investors and provides opportunities for lenders looking for passive returns — Matt discusses his strategy serving two very different customers in your business.

Then, in the second half of the episode, Matt walks us through his roadmap for company founders, including the 5 distinct phases of growth every successful founder must follow to take their business from concept to world domination.  When should you “go to war?”  When should you “focus on peace?”  And how to traverse the point in many business owners lives when they start to find themselves getting complacent.

Make sure you listen for Matt’s absolutely best tip for how you can stay focused on your business and not get sidetracked by others who don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart!

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