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Welcome to the Dream Investment Adventure by Bigger Pockets & Mynd Management! In this weekly series, real estate mentor Steve Rozenberg helps an aspiring long-distance real estate investor through the scary, but simple process to buy an out-of-state rental property.

Each week, Steve & Joe will sit down, discuss strategy, develop homework, discuss problems & figure out solutions. This series isn’t just about helping Joe, it’s about helping YOU learn how to invest in out of state properties.

This week, Steve talks with Vivian Lwin, the head of marketing at Mynd, and we learn all about the leasing process with Mynd Property Management and get to hear all the details about the proceess of buying a property out of state!

Follow the full series below:
Week #1 – Meeting Joe & Understanding Long-Distance Real Estate Investing – https://youtu.be/JdnUzDgaVUw
Week #2 – Selecting & Analyzing Real Estate Markets – https://youtu.be/1CjD6I0SBwQ
Week #3 – Building Your Team – https://youtu.be/xAz4ZlqIGfk
Week #4 – Finding A Real Estate Deal – https://youtu.be/jwePayTpdCc
Week #5 – Due Diligence & Closing On A Deal – https://youtu.be/1kJ2XQ6YA8E
Week #6 – Rehabbing A Property Remotely – https://youtu.be/jx2859mycOI
Week #7 – Property Management – https://youtu.be/h3DTSwym0rY
Week #8 – Leasing Your Property – https://youtu.be/9TY5zYnvkp0
Week #9 – Finale Review – 12/10/20

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