We’re taking a bit of a detour from our regular programming to answer some live questions on real estate mindset! Brandon and David take live questions from investors across the nation on some of the most hard-hitting/commonly contemplated real estate questions and topics such as…

Is perceived “risk” deterring you from making strong financial decisions?
How do you keep the fire going as an agent and investor when you get rejected?
When should you allow team members to take on your roles and processes?
What to do to get over the fear of partnerships?
How do you balance ambition and being content with your success?
How to find inspiration in other people’s success?
What to do when there is SO much opportunity but you don’t know what to choose?

And More!

Brandon and David spend some time answering all of the above questions with life lessons they’ve learned in their investing careers. The solution to the problem isn’t always cut and dry, but almost all of these questions come up in a real estate investor’s career, one way or another.

If you didn’t get your question answered in this episode, stay tuned as we may plan to do another Live Q&A in the future!

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