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In this video, I will talk about real estate best practices, and how to be a good real estate agent, and
avoid becoming a bad real estate agent,
How to stand out and make clients choose to do business with you.

1:06 Communication and respect

A good real estate agent is respectful,
Do not make clients feel that they are bothering you with their questions, and never talk down to
Make sure you return contact within a reasonable time and give them alternatives.

Clear descriptions
Real estate Best practices include making sure that your listings are clear and conclude all the
information needed.

Tough conversations
You must do the right thing, even if you will deliver bad news, you must take ownership and do it
quickly, it is what a good real estate agent would do.

4:00 The little details

If you have an open house, take care of the client experience from the moment they walk into the
house, it is a hidden selling technique that will pave the way for closing the sale.

Here is the full video about open houses:


The same thing for showings, you can show up a little earlier and take care of each detail, because that
good experience will make them see you as a good real estate agent.
Listing presentation
If you want to work with the real estate best practices, always do your homework before you make a
presentation, and gather all the information you can.

5:49 Business VS Freedom

To be a good real estate agent, you need to have the right mindset,
It is a business that you must be responsible for each part of it.
A bad real estate agent will think of its freedom, and they will not respect the business needs.

7:19 High standards

Set your standards and stick by them, and only make an exception when it is valid.

9:11 Thinking outside the box

Be quick and versatile, as you will not stand out as a good real estate agent if you do not go the extra
mile and create better solutions.

10:12 Keep your emotions out of the business

Practicing real estate requires rational thinking, which means you need to keep your emotions out.

11:32 keep your interest out of transactions.

The most important factor in the real estate best practices is keeping your agenda outside of the
transaction, a good real estate agent will never put his interest above the client.

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