In many ways, real estate is an industry where old school and new school ideologies collide. Some Realtors champion cold calling and going door to door in their desired territories. There are also social sellers who leverage their networks and grow organically. Yet others send emails to those listing as for sale by owners (FSBO) or reach out on BiggerPockets.

What type of Realtor are you? You can be a successful Realtor leveraging any of the aforementioned methods. Here’s the problem: Someone else is already doing it. The solution? Blogging. Many Realtors overlook blogs as a viable option to garner exposure and potential leads. If you’re not blogging already, this article is intended to convince you to start sooner than later.

The Internet Is Prime Real Estate

Location. Location. Location.

For a Realtor, the internet is prime real estate. According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, the first step that many people make in the home buying process is leveraging the internet. As a first step, 40% of millennials looked online for information and 48% of younger boomers looked online for properties for sale.

What does a blog have to do with that?

You’re probably thinking that you need to have a listing in order for someone to find you on Zillow, BiggerPockets, or another listing service. Although that’s one way a potential buyer could find you, another is by finding your blog. Blogs can help you acquire highly targeted, low-hanging fruit that no one is reaching for. A 2017 NAR report noted that only 11% of Realtors have blogs, so by simply having one and posting regularly, you could get more online visibility than your competitors.

Writing blog posts increases your visibility on Google because people can then link to your article. The more people that link to your article, the better. In essence, this is a component of search engine optimization (SEO), which online brands covet. Ranking higher in Google means more clicks and more people visiting your website.

Pretend that you wrote an article on your blog titled How to Buy a Home in ______ (insert your location). Then imagine that someone Googles this exact phrase. This means that anyone who clicks the link to your article is a highly targeted lead because they’re looking for exactly what you wrote about. Once they realize that you’re a Realtor, who do you think they’re going to call?

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