It’s hard to leave a comfortable job, especially when you’re working with family. What happens if you can’t make your entrepreneurial dreams work, what if you need health insurance, what about your bills? This is the predicament that Sean and Ann Wayne were in, only a couple short years ago. Thankfully, they made the jump, and now they’re flipping more than ever!

Sean and Ann left college with around $93,000 in debt, but were able to pay it off quickly due to their thrifty lifestyle and saver skills. After they had paid off their debt, they wondered where they could put their leftover money into. Sean stumbled upon BiggerPockets and knew that something within the realm of real estate was the best option.

Luck would have it that Sean and Ann’s landlord at the time was a flipper and a real estate agent. After some discussions, their landlord decided to mentor them through their first flip. If you’ve listened to this podcast long enough, you know what’s coming next. They were hooked! Sean knew he had to leave his corporate job to pursue flipping, even if it meant less stability.

Now this dynamic flipping duo has done 12 deals. Sean focuses on the rehab and Ann focuses on design. If you’ve wondered about what the best ways to paint and design your flip are, Ann drops some knowledge on what is worth risking, and what isn’t. Together, they’re an unstoppable team, and will definitely be on the Real Estate Podcast soon enough!

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