While traveling throughout southeast Asia, Michael Su asked what he could be doing to protect himself if he ever didn’t have stable income. As a digital nomad, travelling from country to country, all while working at a startup, Michael was used to risk. He realized that the best way to mitigate and reduce the risk of him ever being in a dire financial situation was to make his own income. The best way to do that? Buy rental properties!

Michael had already been following some popular real estate influencers, and decided to do what they were doing. He even contacted BiggerPockets’ very own Craig Curelop and asked him to be his agent in Denver and help him house hack. From then on, Michael reached out to more investors in other areas of the United States and began using their strategies.

Now, only one year into real estate investing, Michael has over 15 homes, with two under contract, in five regions in the US! This doesn’t just happen by luck. Michael had a strong grasp on financing strategies, investment strategies, and real estate economies of scale. He even read the SEC filings for major REITs to see how they scaled their businesses and dealt with problems.

Now Michael can continue building his real estate portfolio, while traveling, and working at a job he loves. All possible through smart investing!

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