How do you build a business that ties in healthily with your life? While you’re trying to bring in millions in revenue, are you there for your children, your spouse, your loved ones, or even yourself? If not, why are you building the business at all? This was a main topic of discussion for the hosts of the Empire Building Podcast, Wendy Papasan, Sarah Reynolds, Seychelle Van Poole, and Vija Williams.

Wendy, Sarah, Seychelle, and Vija have all grown massive real estate empires throughout their own respective markets. Now, they teach others to do the same through their podcast and their live event, Amplify. We talk through some key topics like how all these successful women juggle their business/personal lives, when the right time to say “no” is, how to grow your business, how to hire successfully, and knowing your numbers.

All agree that a big part of being successful is saying “no”. That doesn’t mean turning down everything, but it does mean saying no to things that will interrupt your time with family and friends. Sarah, specifically, talks about how she was unable to put her kids to bed most nights of the week, since she was coming home at 10PM from the office. What did she do? She made it a rule to leave by 5PM. This not only helped her be there for her daughter, but allowed her team to take bigger roles.

These four women all personify what it means to be successful in business and in life. Not only that, they can help you too find the best way to build a “big life” not just a big business.

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