Many business owners and entrepreneurs have read books like Traction and Rocket Fuel, both of which talk about how to build a successful business, partnership, and how to use the EOS (entrepreneurial operating system). Today we have on the author of both those books, and a new book Entrepreneurial Leap, Gino Wickman.

Gino always had the entrepreneurial drive in him, but wasn’t able to label it for a long period of time. He went to work out of high school and found himself transforming his family business into something that was not only profitable, but would sell for a high price. Gino learned that his “gift” was helping entrepreneurs make their businesses more lean, efficient, and profitable.

We walk through many different components of being an entrepreneur, such as the six key traits of successful business builders, the eight critical mistakes entrepreneurs make, and how to know where you’re at on the “entrepreneurial range”. Gino argues that although many people want to be entrepreneurs, it may not be the most logical decision for them. Likewise, many of those who are successful at corporate jobs may be better served leading their own teams. There’s only one way to find out, get Gino’s new book!

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