Were you simply born with a never-ending desire to do more and more? In spite of this, do you sometimes get in your own way, questioning your ability to make a real impact and get things done? Ever think, “Everyone else has this all figured out, why don’t I?,” overanalyzing and second-guessing yourself when presented with a new challenge?

NEWSFLASH: You’re Not Alone!

For years, Jason Feifer — Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, has been an influencer with leading entrepreneurs crushing it in their respective industries. And Jason is clearly crushing it himself as well. Programmed with nonstop motivation and ambition to move forward, make progress, and teach others, Jason also hosts THREE leading podcasts, writes for prominent media outlets, and inspires individuals, business owners and companies as a highly sought-after international keynote speaker.

In this episode, Jason talks about the power of solving unexpected problems, the  importance of focus, dealing with “Imposter Syndrome,” and tells us the single best podcast (besides this one, of course!) that we should all be listening to in order to motivate us and jump-start our entrepreneurial dreams.

Make sure you listen to the end, where Jason reveals his unique take on when and how to create a personal brand.

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Connect with Jason:
Jason’s Podcast – https://pessimists.co/
Hush Money Podcast – https://www.jasonfeifer.com/hush-money
Problem Solvers Podcast – https://www.jasonfeifer.com/problem-solvers
Jason’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/heyfeifer/?hl=en
Jason’s LinkedIn Profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonfeifer

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