It’s easy to take things personally at work. The unfair criticism, difficult coworkers, insecure boss or the embarrassing project failure, is it possible to stop caring what people think!? It is, and in this video I’m diving in to how to stop taking things personally, sharing some perspective shifts for your work life boundaries, and helping you see how it’s not personal, and in fact, it’s not even about you most of the time. If you are ready to learn how to not take things personally you are in the right place is what I’m saying!

0:00 What we’re talking about today (and why you NEED to watch)
0:45 You are NOT your job
3:12 You are not what happens to you (or the mistakes at work you make)
5:03 How to handle feedback at work
8:49 Expand your Self-Awareness
13:16 Build Confidence at Work

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