It’s so easy to notice the bad traits/personalities of your boss but how can you notice if you have a good boss? This week’s video will cover 6 signs that will help you see the traits of your boss and determine if they are good, supportive traits. So make sure to join me, your CareerSuccess coach, as I share some great examples of what makes a great boss within the workplace.

Resources mentioned: Signs of a Poor Manager (10 BAD MANAGER TRAITS):

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#CareerSuccess by is a program of Jennifer Tardy Consulting, LLC where we are on a mission to forge successful careers at the intersection of employers and historically underrepresented populations (UPs).

What is an underrepresented population?

An underrepresented population (or UP) describes a subset of a population that holds a smaller percentage within a significant subgroup than the subset holds in the general population.

When we say UP, we are generally referring to:
– Career Success for Women
– Asian Career Success
– Latino Career Success
– Black Career Success
– Career Success for People with Disabilities
– Veteran Career Success
– Career Success for the Next Generation (e.g., Millennials)
– LGBTQ Career Success

In other words, when there is a higher percentage of individuals available in the labor force than represented within an organization, that population of individuals is considered “underrepresented”​ with that employer.

We have a vision to be #UnderrepresentedNoMore. In order to move toward that vision, we provide group coaching programs, 1:1 coaching, and free career advice and resources for job seekers. We also provide training to Diversity Recruiters and consulting to employers on how to diversify their talent pipeline.

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