What does a clinical data analyst do? // Like most other analytics roles, there’s no one single answer to “what does a clinical data analyst do?” While there are a lot of similarities across roles, clinical data analysts can work in multiple different areas.

This video looks at 2 main areas where you’ll find clinical data analysts – or clinical data scientists.

Clinical data analysts in pharmaceutical companies evaluate and verify the results of clinical trials data, sometimes also designing them. Clinical trials are the foundation of determining whether new or altered drugs and medical devices are effective and safe for patients.

Clinical data analysts working on treatment effectiveness may also work some with pharmaceuticals, but their work is less drug-specific. Work in this area can look at overall effective treatment plans for specific conditions. It can also be very granular on helping with one aspect of one condition.

0:00 Clinical Data Analyst
0:57 Pharma
2:47 Treatment Effectiveness

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