Getting rejected from a dream company after devoting tons of time and completing final rounds can lead us to feelings of not being good enough.

In reality, if you take a macro view of the interview process across all industries and job families you realize that in most cases your success has little to do with your skills, your personality, or if you were “good enough”.

There’s rampant bias (even though companies try their hardest to squash it), a hidden caste system, strange questions that can derail even the most prepared candidates, sub-cultures within each company that don’t mirror the company culture you thought you were interviewing for, and to top it all off many people just aren’t good at selling themselves.

What’s the takeaway?

Interviewing is a total crap shoot – if you’ve been rejected recently don’t take it personally – all you can do is focus on the things you can control – your attitude, believing in yourself, and the amount of time you prepare.

And remember this….

Each interview will make you stronger for the next company that comes along so keep your head up!