What is Your Greatest Strength? Answer Samples to Ace the Job Interview // Wonder what the interviewer is looking for when they ask, “What is your greatest strength?” In this video, I will teach you the best answer for what is your strength interview question in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re bragging.

I will also tell you the reason why they are asking what is your greatest strength, what is your greatest strength answer samples, the 3 biggest mistakes people make when answering it and my 2 part formula for absolutely acing this question.

Be sure to stay to the end, because I’ll give you two examples from different career paths and experience levels of this formula in action.

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Watch: What is Your Greatest Weakness Answer Samples – https://youtu.be/t2MpQuaMn7U

Watch: The Powerful Formula to Answer the Most Common Interview Questions (Story Toolbox) – https://youtu.be/xj-8YmjkOuk

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