Interview with a Recruiter

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0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Prep
3:42 – Considerations
6:13 – Logistics
7:58 – Recruiter Questions
11:55 – Your Questions

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11:06 – Salary Expectations –
11:55 – Questions to Ask Your Interviewer –

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Recruiter Questions:

My go to questions:
Why did you respond to me/apply?
What is most important to you?
Domain specific questions (provided by the hiring manager).

Common Questions:
Tell me about yourself?
Walk me through your resume?
Why this company?
Why are you looking to leave your company?
How would your current manager/teammates describe you?
What do you know about our company?
What are you looking for in your next job opportunity?
What do you like to do, not like to do?
What is your current situation/timing?
What is your current compensation/salary expectations?
Are you actively interviewing?

Questions to Ask Your Recruiter:

What do you love the most about the company?
What do you love the most about the job?
What is something really fun/cool about the culture that I might not know about?

Why is the position open?
How long has the position been open?
Can you tell me the level of this role?
Can you tell me how many people are currently interviewing for this role?
Can you tell me if you are considering internal and external candidates?

Data Gathering:
Why do you think my background is a good fit?
What are the most critical skills needed to have success in this role?
Are there any gaps or key skills needed that I do not have?
Are there any themes/areas where other candidates are falling short?
Can you tell me more about the structure of the team, roles, hiring manager, etc.?
Anything that this team specifically looks for from a culture fit perspective?

Interview Process – Interview Info:
Can you tell me about the specific steps?
Stages? Phone, Video, In Person?
Number of interviews?
Focus area of those interviews?
Types of questions asked?

Interview Process – Details:
Can you tell me more about the end of the process and who is the final decision maker?
How long does the overall process typically take?

How often will I hear back from you? Should I proactively reach out or should I wait to hear from you?
What is your preferred method of communication, call, text, email?
Do you have a secondary POC that I can reach out if you are out of the office?

Logistics – Important:
Am I able to use a whiteboard via video or will the conference room have a whiteboard?
What should I wear?
Any items to be aware of about the video platform or about the location of the interview?

Logistics – (Optional):
I see the position is located in X city, would it be possible to work out of another location/work remote?
Does the job require travel? I see the job require X travel, is that consistent or does it grow/decline over time?
What is the salary range?
Can you share benefits information with me?

Last Question:
Any questions that I did not ask that are important for me to know? Questions you typically hear from other candidates?

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