Confidence is key in job search
And criticism (and rejection) often go with the search.
How do you navigate it all (and get hired)???

You asked for a 🌮 taco party 🌮

And so a Taco Party we will have!

A few weeks ago on one of my posts
(about rude remarks on my eyelashes)

Erin and I got to chatted about dealing with the weird comments.

And in our DMs how hard and important it is to be positive in a job search.

And I was so jazzed when Erin agreed to come on a live with me.

Join us over nachos (or coffee, or a drink, whatever suits your fancy)

And she’ll be sharing some rapid fire tips.

Come for the learning and mutual appreciation of tacos.

Stay for the laughs.

👉 Click Set Reminder and we’ll see you there.

#CareerBestie #NachoAverageRecruiter