Here’s a tour of my 2021 desk setup for working in analytics. I’ve been updating my setup over the past few months to add more items to meet my needs and upgrade some items that weren’t ideal for a permanent work from home setup.

I work as a consultant data analyst / business analyst / data scientist so my setup is focused on working well for those roles. I’ve worked remotely for 3 years with some occasional travel / on site work.

Previously my setup was focused on being easily packed up to transport wherever I was going. However, the last year has been fully remote so I’ve invested in some upgrades. I still really like my travel setup and don’t plan to get rid of anything in it (see this video for more on that setup:

Most of the changes I’ve made are focused on ergonomic improvements – a better chair, better screens, better lighting. I’ll talk about what I’ve changed, what’s still working, and where the biggest payoff has been on my setup.

Products Mentioned:
Laptop –
Monitor –
Travel Monitor –
Laptop Stand –
Keyboard –
Mouse –
Webcam –
USB Hub –
Chair –
Lighting – BenQ ScreenBar Plus –

Video Topics:
0:00 Intro
0:50 Computer
1:43 Monitor
3:00 Laptop Stand
3:44 Keyboard
5:13 Webcam
5:45 USB Hub
6:30 Chair
6:55 Lighting

Videos Mentioned:
Travel Setup –
Best Analytics Laptop –

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What’s on my desk? Desk Tour 2021

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