Questions At The End Of An Interview – Best Interview Tips. Did you know that not asking questions in your Job Interview, not having questions for interviewers, can cost you the job you are interviewing for?
In this video I explain: What kind of questions you should NOT be asking hiring managers and recruiters in a job interview. And what questions you NEED to ask interviewers at the end of an interview, questions you need to prepare to maximize your chances of getting hired. Stick with me till the end for the question that would help you find out how well your job interview went, if you’ve impressed the interviewer or not!
So let’s start with questions which you should NOT be asking and that’s any questions related to
– How many days of vacations does this job provide? Can I work from home? or Are there flexible hours? Instead of coming across as motivated candidate, you come across as a lazy one. You basically imply wanting to spend there as little time as possible! Which is a red flag for hiring managers…

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