Getting hired is easier when you know how hiring works.
With all this talk about hidden job markets, bots, and competition,
It’s time to lift back the curtain…

Meet Kevin Logan Jr.

Kevin is a Talent Acquisition Expert, essentially a sorcerer in matching talented peeps with their dream jobs (though I dunno if he calls himself a sorcerer).

He is also a funny AF content creator.

And one of the most empathetic humans I know, who really wants to help.

💥 So we’re teaming up, and he’s telling all 💥

We’re gonna get REAL:
✨ What job seekers should do in today’s market (and what you should STOP doing)
✨ How hiring works behind the scenes & how you can stand out
✨ Mythbusting misconceptions that are used to scare job seekers.

And of course an off the hook Q&A.

Even if you’re not in a search now, if you have hung with Kevin and I, you know it’s gonna be ridiculous live (though super informative, I promise!)

It’s all going down Thursday Feb 25th at 1p PST / 4pm EST.

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And then…

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