I’ve mentioned in a few videos recently about the popularity of no code analytics. Let’s get more specific and look at 5 data analytics tools for non-programmers.

It will come as no surprise that popular data visualization tools make the list. They’re heavily marketed as easy to use tools for analyzing data.

Beyond that I’ve included 3 other powerful tools that let you analyze data without knowing how to code. These tools let you cleanse, prep, and analyze your data easily. Some even let you create machine learning models without a single line of code.

Whether you want to be a no code data analyst, no code data scientist, or just want to use more analytics in your work, these tools will do the trick.

Here are 5 data analyst tools for non-programmers:

0:00 Intro
0:22 No Code / Low Code
1:25 Tableau
2:21 Power BI
2:50 Alteryx
3:55 SAS
5:05 IBM Watson Studio
5:55 The Case for No Code

Video Mentions:
Tableau Training – https://thecareerforce.com/products/t…
No Code Analytics – https://youtu.be/HyVomWsWbTA
4 Reasons to Learn SAS – https://youtu.be/g2xCl5FzJ0c

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