I get to interview Youtuber Jeff Su and he answers my career questions – from his career journey to his current role at Google, to interview tips, to linkedin networking and more! He’s got a terrific Career Tips channel and you can find it at the link below:

Jeff Su: https://www.youtube.com/jeffsu

Topics and Time Stamps:

Intro & How We Met: 00:00
How did you choose the career/industry you’re in? what other industries or career paths did yob u look at? 04:38
Why did you start your channel and FB group? 06:20
When it comes to career transitions, one of the challenges people face is having no, or little, relevant experience. Do you have any advice on how people can better address this issue, from a resume point of view and interview point of view? 08:31
A lot of career coaches talk about having a “personal brand”. What does that mean to you? What constitutes a brand and how do you think people can help cultivate that? 12:47
You’re a big proponent of networking on LinkedIn, can you share some tips on how to maximize the LinkedIn experience and to help people get the most out of that platform? 16:01
Your channel has some excellent videos on answering interview questions. If someone has limited experience, what are some tips you may have for them so that they do well in an interview? 20:20
Can you share a personal lesson that really transformed how you prepared for interviews? 23:38
Are there any job boards, platforms, apps that you’d recommend that could help people transitioning in their careers? 27:18
What are some of the job hunting trends you see in the next year? Next 3-5 years? 29:25

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