How to Do a Phone Interview – Phone Interview Questions and SAMPLE Answers. In this video I will be sharing with you 4 easy to apply phone interview tips and the most common Phone Interview Questions and Sample Answers to these questions. It will help you prepare your phone interview and successfully pass this phone interview. Phone interviews are used by recruiters to ensure that the next stage candidates meet the minimum of the job requirements. If you want to ACE your phone interview you need to prepare for the most common interview questions, it will be easy to do so with these sample answers to job interview questions.

Tell Me About Yourself Guide – Your Interview Presentation Pitch:

Why Do You Want To Work Here? Question :
Why Should We Hire You? Question:
What Are Your Greatest Strengths? :
What Is Your Greatest Weakness? – SAMPLE ANSWERS :
Click to Practice Mock Job Interview questions and answers in a Mock Interview here:

Get HIRED Fast – 5 Effective Job Search Tips :

Aside from sharing the tips on how to prepare for a phone interview, I will also share sample answers to the following interview questions, which you need to prepare for:
Tell Me About Yourself
Why are you interested in this position?
What do you know about the role and the company?
Why do you want to change jobs?
When can you start?
Do you have any questions?

There are a few thoughtful questions you could ask your interviewer, to impress them even more during your interview. Stick with me till the end to find out! The phone interview allows you to have all the necessary information in front of you and the interviewer wouldn’t know. It doesn’t mean you should be reading but having your notes ready, right in front of you, will boost your confidence during the call. To make this “cheat sheet” as productive as possible make sure you can easily access the following information:
Your resume – The interviewer will be looking at your resume while asking you questions, so having it in front of you will help you respond to specific points.
The job description – Knowing all the specific requirements that the company has for the role will help you highlight your most relevant skills.
Your notes about the company
Your notes about the interviewer
And your answers to the most frequent phone interview questions

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