2020 has been quite a year. We’ve all been impacted in so many different ways. Aside from everything pandemic related, I learned a few important money lessons along the way. In this video I share 20 lessons about money that I think everyone should know about and be aware of. Let me know in the comments if you have any money lessons or advice on managing money and finances that I might have missed in this video. Also, let me know which of the money management/advice tips was your favourite. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – More money doesn’t solve poor money management
00:49 – The importance of a budget
01:04 – You need a safety net
02:00 – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
02:21 – Money isn’t everything
03:08 – Habits are really hard to break
03:42 – Don’t follow the crowd
04:22 – There’s a lot of bad advice out there
04:42 – Track your expenses
05:08 – Why cut expenses when you can earn more
05:37 – A higher salary can mean less security
06:49 – A 9-to-5 will rarely make you rich
07:32 – Finding and monetising hobbies can take time and be quite tricky
07:43 – Credit cards + poor self-control = a recipe for disaster
08:05 – Sit on big purchases for a week
08:19 – Having an audience helps when trying to earn passive income
08:41 – Time over money, only after your basic needs are met
09:00 – Your employer doesn’t care about your financial situation
09:19 – Don’t get too attached to money
09:50 – Giving away money feels just as good as earning money

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